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Week 3 – Delusional bliss

Well I don’t know if I might be crazy or if there really is something to CrossFit. I kind of like the punishment of the WOD. Don’t get me wrong, I hate it in the moment but afterwards I feel like I have done something that I could not have done 4 weeks ago. I find that I talk to my partner about things like “I made it through again”. I have become surprised about the amount of weight I can lift/move. I have a love/hate relationship with my trainer. I have yet to have any weight drop off (as a matter of fact, I have gained) but my clothes do fit better. I have also noticed that my food cravings have shifted and I don’t want to eat as much as I have in the past. I no longer crave soda, potato chips and sandwiches. Now I want a salad or veggies and water. I can see why people shift over to the paleo diet as it is something your body craves. I am sore but not something that stops me from moving during the day. I guess I have to start working on my diet soon (that is planned for February). This week was tough mainly because the box started a challenge to eat clean and do a measurable workout (1 mile on a bike, 50 goblet squats, 3 burpees, rest, and 1000 meter row). Apparently my little class of 2 other people has become this massive workout team (yeah not really a group anymore) is now like 8 other people. As the week went on, fewer and fewer people showed up. By the end of the week we were down to 4 others in the group. This made me think, it is really easy to quit. I didn’t want to quit. I didn’t want to do the challenge but I didn’t need this to push me. So this lead me to remember failing and failure are two different things. It is a mind set.

Here’s to another week of CrossFit! Let’s hope the scale starts going down!


Week 2 of Crossfit

Well I have not lost weight as of yet but I have learned the meaning of failure. There is a difference between failing and failure. Everyone fails, my goal is to fail but I will not be a failure. Failure is giving up. Seeing a challenge and saying “I can’t do that”. Well no longer will I define myself by what others think of me. I failed this week at Crossfit but I did not give up. Instead I got up, moved on, and learned from that mistake. I was able to go all 5 days this week and I felt fantastic about it. I did have pain and wanted to give up. I just kept thinking “I have come this far, I might as well finish”. With each section of work given this week (chin up’s, push ups, or burpees) I had Chevy Chase running through my head “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy” but I made it though. I was last in the group sometimes but I was better than I was last week. This is hard. It is a challenge but I wanted to do this. For me. Not for anyone else. Not for my partner, the kids, or my parents. I want to be healthy and live longer than my partner. I will take this inch. as Al Pacino said in Any Given Sunday “You find out life’s a game of inches… The inches we need are everywhere around us. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when you add up all those inches, that’s going to make the difference between winning and losing”. Yeah I just quoted a football movie but it is a good movie.

My time in CrossFit

This year I had a plan to loose weight (I think most people do) but I had a plan. First target was to find something that I liked, second, stick to it, and lastly, change my eating habits. I had tried something similar to CrossFit and I am a little bit competitive so I thought it would be something I liked. Next goal, go for 5 days in a row. Yeah that should be easy as I used to go to the gym every day 2 years ago. Last goal, remove candy, sugar, and other processed foods. Next with each goal there needs to be a reward.

So that’s the plan. I was excited. I bought clothes, shoes, soy protein, almond milk, and got my gym bag out of the closet. I weighted myself and almost puked at the number on the scale (we will not talk about that). I made a mental note and was really upset that I had gotten to that number. I did a quick calculation and figured that I need to loose 50 lbs. I guess all those gummy bears have added up. Damn you gummies!

So for some of the terms, box = gym for the non-crossfit people out there. The box I went to will not be mentioned here but I do love the space. WOD which sounds like something that should follow spit but it is workout of the day.

Before I start, I am not a doctor, trainer, or in any way a workout god/godess. Consult a doctor before starting any workout and be safe.

Well I started crossfit a last week. I thought for sure that the workouts where a joke but sure enough when I showed up she was for real. Day 2 out of 4 days last week was interesting as I did not think it was physically possible to have your shoulders fall off yet our trainer really gave it her all but they did not fall off. By now I am sure most of you are asking, why are you writing this now? Well last week I was pretty sure I did not have arms but instead had noodles. Alas I did get the use of my arms back. I was only able to go for four days as we had an ice storm come in on Friday which made me happy as I thought I was going to die after Thursday’s WOD.

Here’s to next week…