I am almost 40 and decided this year to change where my life was heading. I was over weight and finally decided to stop complaining and get up and do something. I had 2 trainers before that introduced me to something called CrossFit so I decided to look into that and signed up for my first CrossFit experience. I am here to journal my adventure into CrossFit and help newbies understand the terms and see how easy and fun it can really be. It is a challenge but anything worth my time needs to be challenging or I get bored. I was a running for most of my life and I am sure the treadmill is designed to break someone’s spirit. I hate them for so many reasons (they are usually in front of a TV so you don’t really focus on your form, you are not really moving earth under your feet, etc). I know they are great for some people but I truly hate them. I am also not the kind of person that can do the same routine day in and day out. Therefore those video exercise tapes are not for me (once again I know they work for some people but not me). Lastly, I enjoy human contact and meeting new people but I am not going to the gym to find a date, look cute, or generally not work out. My time is critical to me and I want to enjoy what I do with it. For all of these reasons, CrossFit was a great choice for me. Please note, I am not a trainer, I do not play one in my free time or on TV, and I am not in any way, shape, or form, a professional athlete. If you decide to do CrossFit, make sure you check in with your doctor first and make sure you have a great trainer that can help you develop the proper form and weights you should be lifting. You can seriously hurt yourself if you do not lift correctly or you lift too much weight too quickly.

With that said, I am from Houston but I live in New England. I am not here to promote the CrossFit facility I go to. I will say I am grateful for my box (CrossFit gym) and the trainers that work there as they are all super fantastic (I have a few that are my favorites *wink*). I do photography in my spare time and I love it. I am a nerd for a living so I will make references to Star Wars, Star Trek, and few other geek movies. Other than that, I am a super fun person and I try to bring energy and fun to everything I do (why do something if it isn’t fun, right).

My goals are very general, I want to be healthier and loose some weight (I have about 50 to 60 lbs to loose). I try to eat healthy but each week I have been giving up something (like lint but without the religious side effects). I am building a path to a healthy lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my days of eating way too much ice cream or a whole plate of cherry rolls.

With all of that said I hope your journey for passion, life, happiness, and health is fun, enjoyable, and exciting! Cheers and best wishes….

– K


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