Monthly Archives: September 2014

Long time no write…

Sorry for the delay in writing but I have been super busy at work. Do not worry, I have been working out. I started running and then restarted my running last week. I am trying to run 3 times a week to train for a 5k in October. It is not going to be easy but I never pick the easy way (just ask my mom). I have continued to put in time at the box and continue to do better and better with my lifts and cardio. As a matter of fact, the work I have done at the box has caused me to run better than I have in a while. Sometimes it is hard when I find my weakness but a weakness is just an area for improvement. I enjoy running but it is very difficult because my cardio is not as strong as my other muscles. We did Nancy (one of the baseline measurable WOD’s which is 5 rounds of 400 meter run and 15 overhead squats) and I was determined to not have anyone lap me. As a side note, I should have gone to the women’s class as the noon class I went to I was the only female. As a matter of fact none of the men lapped me until the start of the 4th round. I am always pushing myself and I measure myself against myself as well as others. I know there are some who are stronger or better at different things so I have goals with different people. I want string pull-ups together like my friend Heather, I want to do an overhead squat like Super Hero Jackie, and I want to be able to run like my gazelle friend Joanna. These are my weak points. These are areas of opportunity to improve. People wonder why we do CrossFit. I can only speak for myself. I do it because it allows me to have goals that allow me to achieve and once you achieve it makes you better at everything else. The friendships are also great at the box. I can cheer on Nate as he passes me because he makes me stretch to match his effort. I love going in and having Coach Keidy say “Wow you are getting tiny”. The results, the friendship, and the healthy lifestyle they support is all a big boost in the right direction.


On to the goals for the next few weeks: I signed up for the Whole Life Challenge. I am also training to do a 5k and eventually a Spartan Race. I wanted to do one this year but due to my foot injury I was not able to do so. Instead I will continue to work on my weakness of upper body and cardio. So for everyone out there, cheers and happy health!