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Week 11 – Cheat Week

So I am calling last week my cheat week. I am even late on getting this posted. I ate dairy and more dairy with a side of dairy. It was a good effort on cutting out the gluten which lasted all of 1 day. It was good food though but my stomach is paying for it (I ate cake, fried foods, rich soups, and noodles). I think the boy had a good time even though he didn’t go to the box with me. My partner also got ill (he never gets sick and now he is sick on his birthday) which caused me to clean way more of the house than expected. Now I will start this week saying “Let’s try to remove gluten from my diet this week”. So far I am starting off good with packing not just my lunch but G’s as well. Side note, we went to Boston and I got to use my gift certificate at Williams Sonoma (I love Williams). I got a spiralizer and now I have been spiral cutting all my food. I have ribbon cut zucchini on my salad and I made spiral zucchini that gives you the same bite texture of pasta. I did wide spirals of potatoes and made homemade curly fries in the oven.
The work at the box, well that was just 2 days last week (I felt like a lazy lima bean). I would go early in the morning but once G got sick I didn’t want to possibly pass that illness to anyone at the box (especially in the middle of the open). Now 14.4, all I have to say is Dave is evil. Yeah I said it. Once again he put in something that I could not do toes to bar. I got toe to bar but according to Mr. Castro that is a no rep. I am pretty sure this means that I will not make it to regionals. I can’t be too mad at Dave as he did give us deadlifts last week and I knocked those out of the park. I had a plan, I practiced loading the bar at home, and even worked out the most effective way to lift and load (Photo to come soon). Well I hope that Thursday’s announcement will be something awesome! I do have to say the ladies I workout with did an awesome job on 14.4 with some making it to the wall ball. You ladies are my inspiration. Every week I get stronger and stronger and that is because of you guys pushing me by being stronger or just plain pushing me by saying “You can do that”. I am really hoping spring comes soon so we can get outside and pull sleds. All time favorite is sled pull.


Week 10 – Potential Embarrassing Moment

Over the past few weeks I thought my clothing was fitting a little looser. This week I had someone asked if I had lost weight. I do not know if I have actually lost weight since The Great Bathroom Scale Toss (see Week 5) even though it has been restored to its original location it still frightens me. Well this week I was walking around the office and realized exactly how loose my pants had become. Yeah, I can almost walk out of my pants like the end scene in the movie Big (Not that bad just yet). So looks like I might have met my first goal, fit into my smaller pants (I hope to eventually get into my original sized pants).
The sad piece was 14.2 included chest to bar and overhead squats. Since I have poor mobility and weak lower back I cannot do overhead squats. The chest to bar I can only do if the bar is low which I believe defeats the purpose of C2B. Anywho, it was a good week at the box with some awesome workouts. I am hoping that 14.3 will include something that I can do. 14.2 is now strike 2 on Rebok’s CrossFit group, first they classified me in the age group above me because my birthday is in June (a slight bonus for them for thinking I would be in the CrossFit games) and now this. On the food frontier I have given up most sugar such as candy, chocolate, and I even cut back the sugar I put in my tea and coffee to half as much as I normally do. I do sneak in a bowl of ice cream or cake once a week. This has been pretty easy as no one has left at work hence no “Going Away” Cake. This week I am going to cut the sugar out of my coffee and really work my way towards a more Paleo lifestyle. One catch, “the boy” is coming up to visit and I have a week off. This is awesome as I have not seen him in some time and I can take tons of pictures but the full Paleo life might have to wait until after he leaves (I will try to slide some Paleo meals in on him though). This will mean that I will reduce the amount of dairy I take in (one or two baby bell cheese wheels) a day, no grain, no potatoes other than sweet potatoes, and more lean protein. I am hoping to have one cheat day on the weekend. I hope to maintain this for a few weeks and then add in non-GMO grain. I am going to take measurements before and after and share the delta’s.
Here’s hoping the week of the boy will be super awesome! Stay tuned as there will be photos. Much love…

Week 9 – Week of one rep max = Week of FUN!!

So I have been going to the box 5 days a week (except for those weeks were mother nature decided to block me). Overall I would say that the people at the box that I go to are super nice. They want to help you and most important they talk to you. I know novel idea. I will remind everyone that I am from Texas where you go to the market and people talk to you like you are long lost friends. I am not used to the North East mentality of “I don’t need to know you”. I remember having issues with the 20 inch box and the girl next to me actually taking time out of her WOD to say “Are you OK”. Sure it didn’t cost her 20 seconds but it was the simple act of being nice that makes it important. I know that if something happened that the people at the box would help out. I think this is critical as you could hurt yourself (whack yourself in the chin for example). I know regular gyms say someone will help you but I really doubt it. Sure CrossFit costs more than regular gyms but consider this, how much would you have to pay for a membership and then a trainer to develop a program and push you. You have to add up the cost of the membership and 5 days of training. I say I come out a little cheaper than a regular gym membership. In some cases there are only 3 or 4 of us in a class. I had one class where it was just me and the trainer.
I liked the gym I used to go to and I have to say the instructors were awesome (I have mentioned to the ones I worked with if they ever need reference I would be more than happy). It was the people at the gym; from stares from men as I run on the treadmill to glares from people when I tried to join a new class with one girl even saying “You do not belong here. You will not make it through the workout”. I just thought challenge accepted! Guess what, I did make it through. The box that I go to (the only one I have been to) I have people saying “You can do that” or “You got this”. I have to say it is sometimes the support of the other members that make a difference.
So thanks to the men and women who have supported not just me but others at the box. Thanks for giving pointers on how you do it without judgment or arrogance. Thanks to the trainers for pushing me beyond what I think I can do. It’s the job of the trainer to help you; however it is not their job to care. That is the key piece of success here. Caring what you do, how it affects you, and if that is the best solution for you. I want to go to the box every work day because of this.
This week was tough. It was a week of finding your one rep max for different movements. This was the week when that support from others really pushes you to add 2.5 lbs and try it. You fail, that’s ok. Get the weight back up and try again. Once again, failing is an act where failure is a mental state. I felt bad that I could not do more weight but I remember what one of my first trainers told me “We start where we start and now we can improve on it”. I just have to remember that as I am going through the CrossFit Open. Every day is an opportunity to get stronger and YOU choose if you want to take that opportunity.
Good luck to all of you and Godspeed on the Open…

Week 8 – Fear is only in your mind…

Well it has been 2 months since I started. I am surprised at my strength. I am surprised that I can do 1000 meter row under 5 minutes. I am surprised by my limits that are mental and the difference in the actual physical limits. This week I found my max for a back squat (105). I was working by myself and I just grabbed plates. I had done 90lbs before and felt pretty good about myself. I always had a partner and that was her max. I pushed myself and did one and then two and squatted for a third but I sat at the bottom and could not get my legs to push. I began to panic. How am I going to get out of this? I guess I waited a bit too long when I realized I had seen someone dump the weight. I was scared to drop the weight. What would happen? Would I fall back on the weight? I realized that was the only way out. I dumped it. I fell back and the bar rolled to the front of the room. Well that mystery has been solved. Next time I will make a decision faster and push myself forward. I also used a 20 inch box for box jumps. After Saturday’s issue with the box (I had to step up and step off) I was scared but I thought, “I did it before”. I grabbed the box and decided to overcome my fear of the 20 inch box. It’s a wood box! I still ran the “This is crazy” mantra but I pushed through. The first few jumps were out of fear. Nope, didn’t make it. I kept at it. I didn’t care what the number of reps that I got I wanted to get over this damn 20 inch box! It’s personal now. The box is laughing at me. Jump 2, 3, and 4 was still coming out of a place of “I couldn’t do it before”. Finally I just said “Some 20 year old can do this but a 39 year old can’t. Suck it up buttercup. Let’s try again.” Finally I did it. Both feet left the floor and both feet hit the top of the box at the same time. BAM! Again and again I did it. For the whole WOD I did it! I was so excited that I had overcome my fear of the 20 inch box. I was so happy that I signed up for the Crossfit Open to see how far I can go and how far I can push myself.
I only went to the box 3 times but I had some tests that were going to be run on Friday and was not able to eat anything on Thursday. I felt it best for my relationship with the trainer and the other warrior’s that I stay home (I get a little grumpy when I don’t eat, like a bear).
Let’s see what 14.1 brings!