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Week 7 Continued – Yeah that happened…


Well this week was pretty much awesome; maybe it was the vacation day on Monday. Hmm if only there was a way to just take pictures every day and still get paid. Sadly I did not win the 500 meter row challenge. The winning time was like 1:40 for women/wonder woman. I felt pretty good about getting that close with only a little over a month of CrossFit under my headband (we don’t wear belts in class). We also had a Saturday throw down between the morning classes and afternoon classes. Well looking back on it the workout was fun. At the time however, not fun. It all started on the Airdyne. I am pretty sure the Airdyne is what they use to make prisoners talk. I felt good about completing the work though as it was about 2 hours of work and watching work. My team won mainly because we had more men than the other team but hey a win is a win! Looking at the board after the workouts I realized I am a wimp. Yeah I said it, lightweight, wimp, muscle-challenged, etc. I was one of the weakest in the group (the yoga instructor was the other one). Actually I believe the yoga instructor and I are CrossFit twins. We got the same across the board but I beat her by one rep in the last challenge.
This week I will not be giving up anything as the candy sabbatical went pretty well this week. I also have a medical test where I cannot eat anything but clear liquids on Thursday. Cake didn’t count as candy as it is cake. It was someone’s anniversary and it would have been rude to say no to cake. I had to eat two pieces in case someone didn’t see me eat the first one. Here’s hoping this week will be better. No looking back at the great cake crusade.


Week 7 – Halfway through the week

So far this week has been AWESOME! We have a challenge this week to see who can row the fastest 500 meters by gender. On top of that I had a day off on Monday so I was able to take some Macro photography. WHAT!! I know I was super excited so I decided to post a few of them on here. More to come on this week.

Week 6 – Do over

Well I am calling this week a do over. Yeah I am 5. We had a snow storm roll through on Thursday so I didn’t go and then on Friday the people I work with apparently have no idea what blocked time means since they scheduled meetings over my time. On top of that, the whole “No candy while at work” lasted about 5 hours. I gave it a whirl day 2 and that didn’t work either. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit candy.
This week at the box was good and actually fun (yes I know I am sick and I shall see someone about it). I got the fastest time in the women’s class and won the game at the end of class. The game was who can get the closest to 100 meters on the rower. You would get points for going over and points for going under and there were 4 changes to try. The numbers would be summed up and who ever got the lowest number won. I felt pretty good and then we got the snow storm. Mother Nature really hates me, I am pretty sure this is personal now. Friday was problem due to the ice and the scheduling of my meeting. I have not weighed myself but I feel like I have gained muscles and lost fat. I must keep moving so the fat doesn’t smack back on my bum.
Next week we shall try the whole no candy while at work…

Week 5 – Good work Buttercup

Well my bathroom scale has taken an adventure out the window and into the snow bank. I was surprised at how strong I have gotten this week as I did not know I could toss a glass bathroom scale that far. I am pretty sure this will be the next Olympic event, winter scale throwing for the annoyed dieter. Upon my review of the week I see that I should have stuck to the no weighing rule. Another pound gained and another sad girl eats cookies. NEXT! So I must move on. I am going with it is muscle gain and not fat but judging on number of cookies that were consumed (cookie monster would have been challenged to eat more), it is a good thing that the scale is now enjoying fresh air.
The box was pretty good this week. I have established a really good love/hate relationship with the trainer. She seems to be ok with this arrangement. I have also found a new outlet for my mathematical skills/hobby as well. This seems to be the one thing that I win at every time. “How many total reps” is followed by a long silence and I am always the first to pipe up. Next observation, Superman works out at my box. I am pretty sure it is Clark Kent. I see him in there every once in a while but I never pay attention until he was in my noon class. Well this just added insult to injury. We had to count the number of rounds plus any additional work. I was really proud of myself because the workout contained pushups which I actually like. I had done an even 6 rounds and thought “You did good buttercup”. The trainer called on Clark Kent to who yelled out “Ten rounds plus 6 pushups”. I looked at the girl next to me and said “I’m sorry did he say 10 almost 11 rounds?”. Yes he did. I would have knocked him over but I could not currently pull myself off the floor and I am pretty sure that would not be a battle I could win. I found out the next day that he did the most rounds for the day. That made me feel a little better.
Next week I am going to try to cut out snacking in the office. This is difficult as many people here in the office bring in food, have bowls of candy, and some jerk brings in donuts. Let’s continue down this path and see what this week brings… Good bye my sweet candy, I will miss you most of all…

Week 4 – Inner Warrior

Well this week was tough. First, I went to weight myself and gained another 2 lbs. Well that was super upsetting. I also had part of an apple crisp but on the plus side, I have dropped all soda. No carbonated beverages. Secondly, I hurt one of the muscles in my arm on Monday so I could not do the full workout with the assigned weight. I continued to go every day this week and just worked with my injury. Luck for me we only did the movement twice (first time is when I found out the issue) so I just decreased the weight. I thought this would get easier but as it turns out, it gets tougher. I really had to search for my reason for going to CrossFit. I got in touch with my inner warrior and pushed on. I have decided not to weigh myself until after February. I think if I weigh myself again and see an increase in weight I might just have to do something crazy like eat a whole tub of ice cream so waiting to weigh again it might save not just myself but the spike in the ice cream market. This would not be good for my inner warrior.
This week I will cut back on my wheat intake to wheat at 1 meal a day. I try to set reasonable goals each week in order to build a better eating habit. This all feeds into my healthy goal for this year. I want to be healthier by changing what I eat and my exercise routine. So far I have cut out soda and junk food. Here’s hoping this week goes better!