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Regional Photos

Here are some of the images I took at the regional competition. These athletes were amazing to watch. First let’s start with the ladies doing a strict handstand pushup. So you start in a handstand and drop down to touch your head (believe it or not this is not the hard part) and then push yourself back up. Here you see the ladies all in the starting position.
ladies lineup

One of the things the athletes had to do is a handstand walk (sounds like a lot of handstand work but it was just 2 events that had handstands and there were 6 events). Here you see the men trying to get ready for the handstand walk. Sounds simple enough but it is not.
line up men

This is the first part of the event which was 3 tries at finding your max weight of a hang squat snatch. Yes it is a funny word but a lot of weightlifting words are funny. Here you see the gentleman preparing his bar to lift.
mens lifting

Next is a picture of my coach about to start the workout that called for a legless rope climb. This is you have to climb a rope without using your legs. It is more about using your hips in a similar manner as a kettlebell swing. She did great at this event! How can she not with arms like that.

This is the women trying to push-up from the handstand push-ups. You can see the muscles working trying to get the body back up. Not easy to do and not easy to watch.
women handstands

This is a great image for shoes. I have a shoe issue and I loved all the bright colors that these men are rocking. Could be an ad for Reebok!
crossfit shoes

Here is my coach Keidy again just happy to be competing. So many of the athletes were just happy to be at the regionals. I was excited just being there to take pictures. These athletes really made my job easy.
athlete start

Lastly, this was one of my favorite parts of the whole competition, these athletes would finish a workout and get up and go support and coach the other athletes. Yes, that is right, they got up and helped their competition complete. This simple act costs them nothing and makes them a better athlete. It also makes the athlete who is still working know that everyone is supporting him. Being in this position myself a few times it is really hard and you just want to quit but sometimes you have to push through and just finish.
crossfit support


Week 21 – Sometimes the strongest person is the one that lifts the spirits of others

I was lucky enough to go to the regional games this past weekend. This was truly inspirational on many levels. First, it made me feel weak and strong at the same time. I felt like the weight these athletes lifted was amazingly heavy and some of them made it look like nothing. It made me want to push myself to get better. The workouts were tough (some of them were designed to not be completed) but the ladies and gentlemen pushed through it. One lady even set an event record and didn’t even look exhausted. It made me feel strong because every single person that was in the regional competition had a moment of weakness. Even the strongest among us has a point of weakness. Second point of inspiration is that these ladies all started where I am right now. The road to success is not always easy so don’t ever give up. Give it your best and some day you will be the best. Lastly I got to take pictures of the athletes in the North East. The beauty of these people is in the work and effort they put in day after day after day. I really feel like capturing the moments of these athletes is what I am supposed to do. I see images of athletes and for whatever reason the photographers smooth out the skin and muscles. This removes everything that person has spent years working on. Sara Hill Mass and Rachel Goldenberg are just some of the amazing ladies that have a muscle definition that is without words. I hope that maybe I can get a chance to take some photos of them and of course eventually be able to take photos for Reebok. I want to thank my friend Heather for driving me to the regional competition. Of course, many thanks to my friend, my coach, Keidy for always being a great coach, a spectacular athlete, and allowing me to take photos. It is not always easy to be the focus of my lens and I appreciate the time you have allowed me to spend with you while working out. This is your personal time and to allow me in is invaluable to me.

The goals for last week was to get all my gear ready for the regional competition so I was a bit of a slacker and only worked out 4 days. I didn’t even go to my gym to work on my pull-ups. This week I have to get focused on getting to the box and eating clean. I need more time taking photos of athletes and I need to get that scheduled. This summer I am going to use the weekends to get out and see some of the areas around me and build out my athlete portfolio at the same time. I have to get back to my routine and work on building a better version of myself. I have to let my inner athlete come out. Here’s to another week of greatness…

Week 19 and 20 – How Do You Become Successful?

In order to successful you have to fail. There are starts and stops for anyone who is successful. It’s a drive. Sadly, I missed last week because I was working on becoming a stronger photographer and advancing that part of my life. I did not take a week off from the box I just focused on something else for a little bit. One of the great things about CrossFit is it gives you time with your thoughts. Yeah CrossFit allows you to stop and think about what you want to do and who you want to be. It allows you to see that sometimes you make choices and sometimes those choices make you. Sometimes the path you take is not the path taken but it is your path. I have seen that I cannot just feed one part of myself I have to feed and nurture the whole self. That includes my artistic side. That side with the creations, images, and greatness. So in short, a thousand apologies for missing a week. Here is what happened last week and this week. I have decided to focus on my photography in my time away from work. It has to be a priority as it is a huge part of who I am. I spent a good part of last weekend taking photos and I will post some as soon as I can. I also want to take more photos of athletes.

One of the things that made me realize I have to focus on myself is last week we had a few really hard workouts. I remember laying on the floor next to my friend Jackie. I was so exhausted that I just lay down and threw my arms over my head. Something amazing happened; half of my arm touched the floor. This is huge as when I started this adventure only my fingertips would touch the mat. The next day we had a set of overhead squat which was one of the biggest weaknesses I found in the CrossFit Open. I could not do overhead squats because of my shoulder mobility due to sitting at a desk all day since I was 22. Who would have thought that sitting at a desk can really hurt your back and shoulders? I have been working on trying to get it better but this was not an easy task as scar tissue had to be broken up in my shoulders and I had to stretch the muscles every day. I got to overhead squat day and the trainer said “Let’s warm up and get set up to the WOD”. I happened to have a 15 lb bar out and I took all the weight off and I just thought, let’s do this. I pushed the bar up and squatted down (my arms are strong enough to hold a 15 lb bar even if it shoots way out in front). I got my shoulders locked out and squat I did. The trainer looked over at me and said “When did that happen?” to which I just replied “Just now”. I decided not to push it too hard so I just stayed with the empty bar. This made me think, what else have I been telling myself that I can’t do that but in reality I just need to stretch and work on it every day. What have you been telling yourself that you cannot do? Is that really something you can’t do or is it just your mind saying you are too weak?

Food Journal Day 6…

Wheat wheat everywhere and not an ounce for me… It is my 6th day without wheat and I have just now gotten to the point where I do not want a donut/cracker/sandwich/burrito. I have found ways to get food at work without having wheat. I almost slipped up when they had Italian Wedding Soup (one of my favorites because it has tiny meatballs and I pretend I am Godzilla) but then I noticed the pasta. Oh you are tricky Italian Wedding Soup. I have gotten to where I cannot eat as much as I did before since I am eating more nutritionally dense food. My belly bloat has gone down some but that will take a while before it is gone. Here is my goal, I want to be down 15 lbs before I give myself a treat (I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!) and I want to work out 6 days a week. I have also started a “How Foodie are you” within my circle of friends to see who can make the best food porn pictures. Watch out people because my partner is going out of town for a few days so it will be a wild food party with brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies! Here is my dinner from last night (even the little human that is my daughter enjoyed it):
Lime Chicken

There will be more to come tomorrow with the WOD’s for this week. Sneak peek: I worked out with The Hulk on Wednesday!

Start of Week 16 – Made It Through Easter

Yeah I made it through Easter without eating tons of candy (managed my jellybean intake to 10 – 15 beans)! Anyone who knows me how hard it is for me to turn down chocolate, cake, ice cream, and of course jellybeans. I have been known to eat so many jellybeans I get sick (I wonder why I gained weight). It was tough of course but today marks day 3 without bread or wheat. This morning on my journey in I just thought donuts are delicious, breakfast burrito would be perfect on this brisk morning (it was 20ish degrees), or how about a muffin? Amber waves of grain but none for me! The first few days are horrible so I just have to make it through this week. I have organic yogurt and gluten free granola to help me through. More on the adventure in no grain land later this week.

Keidy was an awesome subject on Saturday and I even got a few pictures of Chris. Here are some photos I got. I would love any feedback you have…

Athlete and equipement
Post workout chatter
Mental Game
Keidy preparing for handstand push-ups
Chris Floating
Chris tried a back flip a few times. This time it was successful

Week 15 – Where Do I Fit?

This week was interesting. We did a 2 one rep max days (this is where you find the max weight you can lift and can either make you feel like Wonder Woman or a kid). I love these as I usually feel pretty strong afterwards then I make the mistake of looking around. I suddenly realize the ladies I workout with are the understudies for Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and possibly Bat Girl. Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Nurse Jackie) got a PR (personal record) for her front squat and Bat Girl (Heather B, yes like the Spice Girls but better) always amazes me with her progress. Yes I know it is like Stan Lee’s nightmare in my head where everyone is a super hero but you have to be your own hero. You can’t wait for someone else to come along and be your hero. That is what CrossFit is about, be your own competition.

This coming week I am focusing on my eating behaviors (again I know) and trying to bring my lunch every day. I find when I do this I eat better and I don’t snack as much. We have a guy that is like a mini mart and has all kinds of bad stuff that is super tasty. I am also going to try and take some fitness shots of my coach and one of the biggest super hero’s I know, Miss Keidy! Yeah she has agreed to be my test subject as I try out fitness/athlete photography. If all works out I can try to expand to other athlete’s. I love my macro photography but I am trying to figure out where I really fit in the photography world. I am hoping that the two things I love to do can intersect. If you have ever seen a CrossFit athlete (check out Lindy Barber or Camille Leblanc-Bazinet) you can see how this is a unique photo challenge. Hopefully I can capture the fun and excitement that Keidy brings to the CrossFit community.

Here’s hoping that next week will bring healthy eating and some great photos! Cheers…

Week 7 – Halfway through the week

So far this week has been AWESOME! We have a challenge this week to see who can row the fastest 500 meters by gender. On top of that I had a day off on Monday so I was able to take some Macro photography. WHAT!! I know I was super excited so I decided to post a few of them on here. More to come on this week.