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Week 29 – Try Something Different

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted but I have been super busy. Between work and trying to figure out a plan for my photography it has been pure chaos. It is these times of chaos that I need the stability of something like CrossFit and I have really enjoyed my time there. I have started physical therapy and my foot is getting better. I was able to do a kipping pull up but when I tried it today my shoulders were too tight so instead I just hung on the bar and relaxed for a bit. I have also tried a new meal plan that is delivered to my box. They are fantastic and you can check to see if Custom Fit Meals are in your area.
My workouts have been pushed back to where they were thanks to clearance from my doctor and the promise of going to physical therapy. There are days when I feel like I don’t want to go and other days where I am excited to go. It is just what ever energy I have and the stress at work. I have also picked up yoga twice a week. I did Saturday and Sunday and the first class was really difficult. I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing and getting you back to balance but that was not the class I went to on Saturday. Sunday was taught by my good friend, Katie, and it was relaxing and some stretching which was not easy (I have issues with stretching in that I don’t do it). I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. Cheers!


Week 23 – What happens when you sit

So during this time when I am forced to sit and think some odd things have come up in my mind. Addiction, love, passion are all things that come from the same space. We all have these things and some of us express them in destructive ways but others focus that same passion and energy into healthy things. I have an addiction to fitness. I always have. There is something in the competition of whatever that drives me. When I got sick a few years back it put me into a depression and I gained weight. I have had a lot of time to look over my life. When I was in high school I was happy on the track. When I lived in Austin I would go out every single day and ride my bike. It was a type of meditation and calm. Rain, shine, wind, Saturday, it didn’t matter to me what day it was or what the weather was. In the cold I put on long pants and in the heat I put on shorts and packed extra water. I have been doing CrossFit for 6 months now and it is my meditation. It is my peace in a world of chaos. This injury has slowed me down but I am not out. I do push-ups at home and I do one legged squats at my desk. I was down for a full week and the horror of stopping was so over whelming that it is unexplainable. My trainer said she would get a program together for me so that I didn’t use my foot. It is so great when you find others who understand your need to move and push yourself. The probability that I will be out for most of the summer is very high but I am going to fight it. In talking with the doctor he said take it easy for 3 weeks and he will check in with me. Next week I go back for him to see my foot. I have done everything and more than what he said. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate and repeat. My swelling has gone down on my foot and I am hopeful that he will take the original estimate of 8 week and reduce it.

I did go to the box this week and I think it was the first time I was sad to not do burpees. Yes that is the first time and the last time you will ever see that. I am hoping to go on Friday as well with my ladies. So here is to a new week, a new lease on life, and the ability to do more today than I did yesterday. Cheers and happy lifting!

Week 18 – What Is the Cost of Sitting on Your Ass?

So I have been very upset that I have only lost 10 lbs over the past few months. There was the argument that I had with the bathroom scale, the steamy discussions with the bar of soap in the shower (what the hell is that? Oh right I have one on the other side so it must be ok as no one has twin tumors), and the odd winded talks with the dog in the backyard asking him if I look fat (FYI, he is a true gay man and just tilts his head as if to say “I love you no matter what size you are”). One of the ladies in my class has lost 20 lbs in a few months time. I love that she was able to lose weight and super proud. I had to stop myself today while doing plyo ski jumps and think I could not do some of these things in the prior month. My recovery time from cardio is much smaller (usually I can get it together in about 3 to 6 deep breathes). I do still get annoyed when I have not lost a lot weight but then again I didn’t gain this weight in 4 months. I am just a little down today but I will go home, have a nice healthy dinner, go to bed, and wake up to start over. It is a day by day effort and some days I am up and feel great but other days I am down but those down days pass. I just have to look at the price tag on being healthy. That price tag is work, dedication, and commitment to a goal. I have put my goals in place to push myself and they started small but they are getting bigger. There is more time before I get to the goal and I think that is part of my frustration. I have to keep going and remember that the path to greatness is paved in failure. Sometimes you have to fake being great until you just become great. So I stand in a Wonder Woman stance and hope that one day I can be as strong as Wonder Woman.

Time at the box this week has been awesome. We have been doing a few workouts that are similar to what we did before so you can track how much you have improved. I feel like I have gotten faster and faster at different things. The first thing I noticed that I am getting faster at is my jump ropes. I am consistently doing about 2 for every second which means in a 2 minute window I can do over 150. I even got 2 double unders in a row.

Cheers to all my friends and followers out there and here’s hoping I can fake it until I make it…

Week 16 – Failing is good…

This was a tough week. I am still gluten free and will be decreasing my dairy intake. I have set a challenge for myself, 6 weeks on an altered Paleo diet. I feel better without gluten in my diet and I am hoping that it will make me stronger. I have found that last week I really enjoyed spending time and taking pictures with Coach Keidy and I think I can get better at it but I feel like I am at a good starting point. Here are a few words of encouragement that I hear over and over in my head this week. Surround yourself with great people because they will push you to be great. This was clear when we were running this past week and I see these fighters that I call friends being stronger than me and pushing me to be greater than I think I can be. I see greatness in all my ladies and they push me to be better than I was yesterday. Sometimes I get to return the favor and push them to see the greatness in themselves (you must find your inner Wonder Woman). The second set of words of encouragement is this; if you cannot grow then you cannot become your best and if you are not your best then how can you really be happy. It will be a tough journey to grow, it hurts and it is hard work but if it was easy then everyone would do it. Life is about being uncomfortable with where you are. If you get comfortable you stop growing and you have stopped pushing yourself. Life is about failing. If you are scared of failing you will not become the best you can be. Failing means you pushed yourself to the edge. You become a fighter when you fail and you get up. Fail and then fail again and then again and again. It happens to the best of us. The strongest person I know failed. She failed over and over again but the reason she is so strong is because she got up every time she failed. Think of your Wonder Woman. Guess what, they were where you are right now. They all started. They all failed. I don’t know who they are but I know they failed. When you get up from that failure you learn about yourself. You see what you can do and where you can go, maybe not today but work. Do your assignment. Do your work. In that moment when you no longer fail, that’s the greatest feeling of them all. That’s what success feels like.

Now the work. Ugh, this was a tough week. I tried to give up a few times but I pushed through it and I feel awesome that I finished. I got shin splints which I get at the beginning of any running program but I iced my legs and I got lucky that the workout on Thursday really stretched my legs with the wall balls. I blazed through them because it felt amazing to stretch my legs. I see that I am getting stronger and it feels great. I am so close to a kipping pull-up that it angers me (like Marvin the Martian kind of anger). I will be working on these this weekend again at the regular gym. I am hoping to enter the battle of the sexes at the box to see who is stronger. The workouts this week also included so many burpees with different jumps (burpee star jumps or burpee pull-ups) that it was horrible. I am pretty sure burpees are a torture movement that they use to make prisoners talk. I mean I was willing to tell coach anything she wanted to know.

Until next week, keep up the good work and may the WOD’s be in your favor…

Food Journal Day 6…

Wheat wheat everywhere and not an ounce for me… It is my 6th day without wheat and I have just now gotten to the point where I do not want a donut/cracker/sandwich/burrito. I have found ways to get food at work without having wheat. I almost slipped up when they had Italian Wedding Soup (one of my favorites because it has tiny meatballs and I pretend I am Godzilla) but then I noticed the pasta. Oh you are tricky Italian Wedding Soup. I have gotten to where I cannot eat as much as I did before since I am eating more nutritionally dense food. My belly bloat has gone down some but that will take a while before it is gone. Here is my goal, I want to be down 15 lbs before I give myself a treat (I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!) and I want to work out 6 days a week. I have also started a “How Foodie are you” within my circle of friends to see who can make the best food porn pictures. Watch out people because my partner is going out of town for a few days so it will be a wild food party with brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies! Here is my dinner from last night (even the little human that is my daughter enjoyed it):
Lime Chicken

There will be more to come tomorrow with the WOD’s for this week. Sneak peek: I worked out with The Hulk on Wednesday!

Week 15 – Where Do I Fit?

This week was interesting. We did a 2 one rep max days (this is where you find the max weight you can lift and can either make you feel like Wonder Woman or a kid). I love these as I usually feel pretty strong afterwards then I make the mistake of looking around. I suddenly realize the ladies I workout with are the understudies for Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and possibly Bat Girl. Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Nurse Jackie) got a PR (personal record) for her front squat and Bat Girl (Heather B, yes like the Spice Girls but better) always amazes me with her progress. Yes I know it is like Stan Lee’s nightmare in my head where everyone is a super hero but you have to be your own hero. You can’t wait for someone else to come along and be your hero. That is what CrossFit is about, be your own competition.

This coming week I am focusing on my eating behaviors (again I know) and trying to bring my lunch every day. I find when I do this I eat better and I don’t snack as much. We have a guy that is like a mini mart and has all kinds of bad stuff that is super tasty. I am also going to try and take some fitness shots of my coach and one of the biggest super hero’s I know, Miss Keidy! Yeah she has agreed to be my test subject as I try out fitness/athlete photography. If all works out I can try to expand to other athlete’s. I love my macro photography but I am trying to figure out where I really fit in the photography world. I am hoping that the two things I love to do can intersect. If you have ever seen a CrossFit athlete (check out Lindy Barber or Camille Leblanc-Bazinet) you can see how this is a unique photo challenge. Hopefully I can capture the fun and excitement that Keidy brings to the CrossFit community.

Here’s hoping that next week will bring healthy eating and some great photos! Cheers…

Week 14 – We have a runner…

This week was interesting. I got to the gym on the weekend and I had a guy that was doing squats wrong and he was counting out loud (how weird is that). I said “No rep” under my breath because I figured if he was counting out loud he might need some help. He stopped and said “What do you mean no rep” at which point I said, “Your form is not correct and you can hurt yourself. I am surprised that no had mentioned this to you.” This got the attention of the Green Lantern looking dude behind me who said “Yeah I told him that but he didn’t listen to me”. The squat guy was a little upset that I no rep’d him but hey if you lift right you might be able to lift more than you think and not hurt yourself. Anywho, I base lined my chin up and pull-up, 55 lbs is my delta (how much more weight I have to pull so I can do a strict pull-up as kipping is not allowed at the gym). I was pretty excited about that as when I first started going to the gym in August I had a delta of 120. I also had another issue with mangos. Yes mangos and I have a long standing feud. They are delicious but I cannot touch my face to them (lips are the biggest issue as I usually do not rub mango on my forehead I mean I am not weird). This simple thing causes a slight allergic reaction which takes several days to clear up. Yes, mango. Freakin’ delicious fruit!

The weather has been getting better here so we started running at the box. Yeah we ran a few times outside (Rain or shine as the coach said). I even got to push a sled which is my favorite. We even had a whole WOD that was just running on Friday. Warmup was running technique and then sprints ever 30 seconds. Yeah we all complained but I think we were glad to be getting sun on our skin. It’s been a really long winter up here in New England so any temp over 50 degrees is more than welcome in my book.

This week I am going to try working on my kipping pull-ups in the down time at the box (anytime between the strength piece of the workouts or time after the workout). I am again going to try to cut back on my wheat in-take and of course, no mango (damn it). I have also been working on my shoulder mobility as it is not great since I work at a desk all day. Hopefully the weather will be nice this coming week and we will be able to get out more. That is all for this week. Stay healthy and get out and enjoy the spring as your body and mind will thank you…

Week 12 – Last Week of the Open and Goal Setting

Well this was the last workout of the CrossFit Open. It involved thrusters, burpees, and plenty of swearing and sparkling (I follow the “I don’t sweat I sparkle” mentality). I will admit there was swearing towards the end of the workout. I wanted to quit at one point but there is no quitting in CrossFit only pausing the awesomeness. I was not the only one in my group that wanted to quit (I have a group of awesome ladies that did the open together) but we pushed through it. I am glad I did as now I am currently 18th in my age in my state. I have to say thanks to everyone that suffered through watching me as I was the last one to finish in my heat at the box. I lay on the floor for a bit afterwards but hey I think it is pretty great to finish something that is supposed to find the fittest on earth. One of the ladies in my group who also happens to be our coach made it to the regional games. Yeah we are all super excited for her. She was a great cheerleader, coach, and friend. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find their weakness and strength. Now that I know where I am weak I can work on it.
On to my progress for my goal of getting healthy: I weighed myself and it seems I have lost almost 10 pounds. This month I am going to work on getting stronger with the toes to bar. These were included in 14.4 and “apparently” toe to bar does not count (damn you Dave Castro!). It was a personal record or PR for me but still was a no rep. I found a place by my house that has an old outdoor gym set with a free standing bar. Finding an old gym is critical for a few reasons for starters you do not have to fight with 10 year olds over the bar and secondly you are not the weird lady who jumps on the bar and tries to get her toes to bar and lastly there is the gentle sobbing that will happen when you get it down. I also want to be able to do 1 chest to bar (see 14.2 workout) by June. This means I have to plan ahead and hit the different milestones such as mastering a kip up. This will help with a few other weak points I have such as pull-ups, muscle ups, and shoulder mobility. I will work on building the upper body at the regular gym. I have also given up on getting gluten out of my diet until I get a better handle on my schedule. Breakfast seems to be tough as I do enjoy a breakfast burrito. So my goal for this coming week is to get to the actual gym on Saturday and Sunday to work on the upper body. Let’s see how that goes!

Week 11 – Cheat Week

So I am calling last week my cheat week. I am even late on getting this posted. I ate dairy and more dairy with a side of dairy. It was a good effort on cutting out the gluten which lasted all of 1 day. It was good food though but my stomach is paying for it (I ate cake, fried foods, rich soups, and noodles). I think the boy had a good time even though he didn’t go to the box with me. My partner also got ill (he never gets sick and now he is sick on his birthday) which caused me to clean way more of the house than expected. Now I will start this week saying “Let’s try to remove gluten from my diet this week”. So far I am starting off good with packing not just my lunch but G’s as well. Side note, we went to Boston and I got to use my gift certificate at Williams Sonoma (I love Williams). I got a spiralizer and now I have been spiral cutting all my food. I have ribbon cut zucchini on my salad and I made spiral zucchini that gives you the same bite texture of pasta. I did wide spirals of potatoes and made homemade curly fries in the oven.
The work at the box, well that was just 2 days last week (I felt like a lazy lima bean). I would go early in the morning but once G got sick I didn’t want to possibly pass that illness to anyone at the box (especially in the middle of the open). Now 14.4, all I have to say is Dave is evil. Yeah I said it. Once again he put in something that I could not do toes to bar. I got toe to bar but according to Mr. Castro that is a no rep. I am pretty sure this means that I will not make it to regionals. I can’t be too mad at Dave as he did give us deadlifts last week and I knocked those out of the park. I had a plan, I practiced loading the bar at home, and even worked out the most effective way to lift and load (Photo to come soon). Well I hope that Thursday’s announcement will be something awesome! I do have to say the ladies I workout with did an awesome job on 14.4 with some making it to the wall ball. You ladies are my inspiration. Every week I get stronger and stronger and that is because of you guys pushing me by being stronger or just plain pushing me by saying “You can do that”. I am really hoping spring comes soon so we can get outside and pull sleds. All time favorite is sled pull.

Week 10 – Potential Embarrassing Moment

Over the past few weeks I thought my clothing was fitting a little looser. This week I had someone asked if I had lost weight. I do not know if I have actually lost weight since The Great Bathroom Scale Toss (see Week 5) even though it has been restored to its original location it still frightens me. Well this week I was walking around the office and realized exactly how loose my pants had become. Yeah, I can almost walk out of my pants like the end scene in the movie Big (Not that bad just yet). So looks like I might have met my first goal, fit into my smaller pants (I hope to eventually get into my original sized pants).
The sad piece was 14.2 included chest to bar and overhead squats. Since I have poor mobility and weak lower back I cannot do overhead squats. The chest to bar I can only do if the bar is low which I believe defeats the purpose of C2B. Anywho, it was a good week at the box with some awesome workouts. I am hoping that 14.3 will include something that I can do. 14.2 is now strike 2 on Rebok’s CrossFit group, first they classified me in the age group above me because my birthday is in June (a slight bonus for them for thinking I would be in the CrossFit games) and now this. On the food frontier I have given up most sugar such as candy, chocolate, and I even cut back the sugar I put in my tea and coffee to half as much as I normally do. I do sneak in a bowl of ice cream or cake once a week. This has been pretty easy as no one has left at work hence no “Going Away” Cake. This week I am going to cut the sugar out of my coffee and really work my way towards a more Paleo lifestyle. One catch, “the boy” is coming up to visit and I have a week off. This is awesome as I have not seen him in some time and I can take tons of pictures but the full Paleo life might have to wait until after he leaves (I will try to slide some Paleo meals in on him though). This will mean that I will reduce the amount of dairy I take in (one or two baby bell cheese wheels) a day, no grain, no potatoes other than sweet potatoes, and more lean protein. I am hoping to have one cheat day on the weekend. I hope to maintain this for a few weeks and then add in non-GMO grain. I am going to take measurements before and after and share the delta’s.
Here’s hoping the week of the boy will be super awesome! Stay tuned as there will be photos. Much love…